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Why dXtime®?

dXtime® is a very user-friendly time series manager and one really has to see it to be able to appreciate.  Windows-based and fully menu-driven, dXtime® lets you retrieve, view and chart data with a click of a button. It also offers a full suite of analytical functions for you to manipulate data and perform analysis.

Databases are organized as in Window Explorer. Finding a data series in our database is like finding a document file in your C-drive. There is no need to memorize complex codes or look them up in thick manuals to find the right data.

Both dXtime® and databases can be installed on your local hard disk or local network server. Being local offers three distinct advantages, namely, speed, portability and stability.

First, data retrieval is lightning fast.  Data tables and graphs appear in no time with a click of a button. Since it is local, the speed is comparable to that of using Word, Excel, or other Microsoft applications. Your own computer sets the speed limit.

Second, the system is portable.  Since it can be installed locally in a laptop, you can take the database anywhere (e.g. on the plane) and have fingertip access to updated information around the clock.

Third, the system is extremely stable.  It overcomes the stability problems associated with full internet-based systems.

Database updating is totally automatic. A dedicated software, also pre-installed, searches and pulls any updates from our server automatically and continually via the internet. There is no need for you to perform any task.

You can create direct links or export data to Excel, econometric and other Windows-based applications with ease.